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We wish to keep this section flexible and free for interpretation, our only core being India. However, to start off, these are the categories. Please get back to us for details on this at Kindly mention the category in the subject line of the email.

Format and Copyright

1) Translation2) Documentaries3) Politics of Living



Format and Copyright

Check out our Topics page for the topics that interest us. Before you pitch us an article, kindly note that we are looking for articles that are well researched but presented for popular consumption, meaning one could go light on jargon such that they balance out the academic weight it possesses. The word limit is 700-2000 words and it should be covered in 5-7 paragraphs. If you are writing a research based article, sources should be provided for each point. You could provide us with bibliography of books and links you have used for the research.

Even if the article is well written and well researched when you pitch it to us, you must still be open to edit it as per our suggestions. Also, we may not accept a topic if we have already accepted similar article from someone.

We accept more than one authors and we will credit them equally. All articles can be posted on personal blogs with a link to our site.

If you are looking for more academic and authorial work, stay tuned, we are working on that too.

NOTE: These guidelines are not applicable to Translation and Personal Story articles.



We are looking for poems and small length fiction from established writers in native languages. We also want to include folk tales and folk songs. For novel length work we can, at present, only offer to feature a bio and link to the author's website or Wiki page. We may publish extracts from the novel, if they are well translated in English. The work should be published before 1960 and must have received a national level award or its state equal.


We will feature independently made documentaries (yet not backed by a commercial producer). The documentary could have been recorded on a home camcorder but if the finish is professional and the content is great, we will feature it. We would be glad to feature documentaries on topics mentioned on our topics page. Minimum length of video 20 minutes to 2 hours.

What will we not feature?

Social Experiements, Personal Vlogs, Experimental Feature (Fiction)Work, or videos that are mostly slideshows.

NOTE: We are not obliged to cover any financial expenditure/loss you may have to bear during the making of the documentary in case we accept/reject it. We are merely offering a channel to feature a work that would have been passionately made whether or not we accept/reject it.

    Politics of Living  
    Do tell us about the interesting stories around you. Well, others around you think you just go to work sit at a desk, but there is that one interesting factor that might change how others look at your job entirely differently. Or you could be a lawyer and tell us just those interesting points that will be of great use to a regular person. Or you have a very efficient water conservation system that everyone can adopt. So tell us your story.  
  More to come soon!